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General Description
The omoplata is a shoulder lock submission that is usually done from guard but can be done from other positions. The omoplata is finished when you have your opponent's arm trapped on one side of your hip, your legs are bent and both facing the same direction. The submission is completed by moving forward putting presure on the shoulder. The omaplata is an attack using the leg to apply pressure to the shoulder. Omaplata means scapula in Portuguese.

Mechanism of Attack
Hyper rotation of the shoulder joint.

There are variations of the omoplata including the reverse omoplata and the monoplata.
Monoplata From Side Control
Monoplata From Mount
Reverse Omoplata

The omoplata can be done from many different positions including mount, side control, guard, and as a counter to a single leg. The reverse omoplata is usually done from turtle. The monoplata is usually done from the top of half guard and mount.
Omoplata From Spider Guard
Rolling Omoplata From Single Leg
Guard Chain
Guard Pass Defense To Omoplata
Omoplata From Closed Guard
Omoplata From Footlock

Omoplata Drill
Omoplata Drill

The two main counters include rolling through and arching the back.
Armbar And Omoplata Escape Drill
Omoplata Escape
Omoplata Escape to Omoplata

Omoplata Option
Omoplata Option

If they roll through, go to Arm Bar if they arch back, switch to Triangle Choke. The omoplata can chain other submissions, this includes the toe hold, knee bar, gogoplata.
Guard Chain
Omoplata Options
Omoplata To Armbar
Omoplata To Armbar Variation
Omoplata Leg Lock Options

Sweeps From The Omoplata
Omoplata Sweep
Omoplata Sweep Standing Variation


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